Moderate Risk Issued – Baseball Size Hail & Intense EF-2+ Tornadoes Likely

A severe Weather Outbreak is expected today with all modes of hazards expected – a Level 4/5 Moderate Risk has been issued! 
As mentioned, a moderate risk has now been issued TODAY for strong tornadoes, a few intense (EF2+), Widespread large hail, some baseball size, & Scattered damaging winds, particularly from central Louisiana across central/southern portions of Mississippi and Alabama this afternoon and evening.
Storms, including initially semi-discrete/intense supercells, will tend to cluster/gradually grow upscale along a boundary with hail/wind potential, but an increased concern for tornadoes, some of which may be strong/intense (EF2+), would exist with supercells that evolve/persist in a semi-discrete manner south of the boundary and move into and/or develop across south-central/southeast Mississippi, and eventually southwest/southern Alabama this evening
(Tornado Probabilities)
(Hail Probabilities)
(Damaging Wind Gusts Probabilities)

Are you prepared?

Now will be a good time to check your weather radios and have several ways to receive watches & warnings!

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Review your severe weather safety procedures for the possibility of dangerous weather today.
Stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio,, or other media for watches and warnings.