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South Africa Division


Juandre Vorster

Director of Africa Division

Mitchell krog

SA Storm Tracker

June Harmse

SA Storm Tracker

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South Africa

The Live Storm Chasers’s South Africa Team works together in the field and on social networks to create a professional impression, with the simple purpose of sharing all things weather, including live storm tracking and more. Live Storm Chasers is able to provide both informative information and valuable content through weather blogs, breaking weather news, forecasts, & media content such as photos and videos.

As we are an NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, the Live Storm Chasers network assists, serves, and volunteers with vital information from the field and online to aid in the warning process across South Africa.

The GOV Agencies & Public can see what the storm is doing due to live coverage, reports, photos, and video. As a result, both the GOV Agencies as well as those living in the storm paths would have a better awareness of what Mother Nature is doing.

Live Storm is an international weather news platform dedicated to promoting and distributing reliable, trustworthy, accurate and informative weather news!

Our crew is continuously collaborating to document and discover Mother Nature’s most extreme weather events in an effort to enhance and promote them with the rest of the world using our platform.

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