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At Live Storm Chasers, our mission is to be a reliable source of life-saving weather information, engaging our followers with captivating content and capturing the power of nature. We educate the public online and in the field, while inspiring the next generation’s interest in space exploration, milestone rocket launches, and thrilling aviation experiences. Join our community to learn, experience, and appreciate the wonders of the natural world as we prioritize safety, insights, and a passion for exploration.



Schedule TIV 2

The Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV 2) can be transported anywhere in the United States on a flatbed trailer. By reserving this vehicle during the off-season, you can attract additional attention to your company's marketing campaign!

Tornado Intercept Vehicle (Tiv2)

TIV 2 Returns To Tornado Alley!

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From quality forecasts to developing weather stories, we provide some of the latest weather information!

Tornado Probes

Discover the mission and goals of the Outlaw Chasers, along with their probe deployment techniques!

The Science

LExplore the scientific aspects and project called “PACRITEX” that we actively endorse and support!

NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador

The initiative of Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador acknowledges the efforts of NOAA partners in enhancing the nation’s preparedness against severe weather, water, and climate occurrences. As a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, the organization Live Storm Chasers, LLC is dedicated to collaborating with NOAA and fellow Ambassadors to fortify the country’s resilience against extreme weather conditions.


We have joined forces with WeatherBug, a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador! As we observe and pursue Mother Nature, it is crucial to stay informed and be prepared with #KnowBefore!

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