Tornado Probes

Outlaw Chasers

The Mission

Outlaw Chaser Randy Hicks life long goal is to deploy at least one of the 3 probes he has & film the inside of the tornado! Randy chases unlike anyone else and most of the time you will find him yards from the Torando! 

Outlaw Chasers

Randy Hicks together with Lisa Mcgeough & team, they have documented many of the intense weather videos you will find online! Outlaw Chasers also have several other members, some of those also included is Lanny Dean, Paden Nicholas Joy-Gordon, & Chris Rice, 


Cyclops houses a 360 Camera at the top!

This is the smaller of the three probes!

In connection with PACRITEX Project, This Probe Messures Surface Pressure Field Static Free Stream

Junior 5.0

Junior is a heavy and Primary probe in the fleet! With a total of 5 GoPros its sure to catch every view! 


IN CONNECTION WITH PACRITEX Project, THIS PROBE Houses an Infrasonic Pressure Acoustic Recorder & BME Pressure Sensors.


The First in the fleet and named and honored in his Daughter’s name! Jenny houses 4 Gopros Total!