In-depth About Us & Who We Are

Live Storm Chasers’s team works together to maintain a quality appearance, both in the field and through social media, with the simple goal of sharing all things weather with live storm tracking and more. Through weather blogs, breaking weather news, forecasts, and weather media, LiveStormChasers is able to provide both informative information and quality content.

The Live Storm Chasers’s team helps, serves & volunteers with at times vital information from the field & online to aid in the warning process by the NWS (National Weather Services). Through the live streams, reports, photos & videos, we are able to help visualize what the storm is doing. This in return helps both NWS Offices and those in the storm paths to be better aware of exactly what the storm is doing. is an online weather news platform that aims to promote weather content! Our team continuously works together to film & discover mother natures most extreme weather to promote & share it worldwide across our platform. Live Storm Chasers videos have generated millions of views online and across our platform. The content provided on our platform is provided by team members or from verified content creators’ who have agreed to our terms and conditions. For information regarding these agreements, questions, or comments, can be sent to us here!

Live Storm Chasers, LLC

Meet Our Team

Joshua Napper
Owner & President

Joshua Napper, Entrepreneur and Business Owner since 2012 

Storm chasing 11+ years.

National & World News Multimedia Journalist!

Commercial sUAS (Drone) Operator & FAA Private Licensed Pilot!

Other Specialties Include

Photography & Videography, Social Media Analyst/Content Creator, Short Filmmaker, Web Designer, iOS & Android App Developer, & Graphics Designer!


Springfield, Missouri
Tyler Schlitt
Social Media Content Creator & StormTracker

About Tyler Schlitt, Tyler was born and raised in the great state of Missouri. His passion for photography started young around the time he got his first film camera, but at the time he didn't know how to use it. Couple months after getting the film camera, he bought a cell phone. Whether riding in the car or out and about he would practice his skills by taking photos. As he got older he was given a Christmas present from his father Steve, it was a Canon Rebel T3i with two lenses. Tyler has been on several major news networks for his videos and photography. Tyler enjoys traveling as much as he can, from chasing storms in the plains to Aurora then back to the sandy beaches in the south! He believes in taking the camera everywhere you go. You never know what you might find!

Washington, Missouri
Lanny Dean
Field Operation Content Manager & Meteorologist

Lanny Dean is a native Okie but currently lives in Missouri. Lanny is also the owner of our affiliated partner-

He is the owner and lead forecasting tour guide of Extreme Chase Tours. Lanny is a 28-year storm chasing tours veteran and one of the best storm chasers and tornado chasing tour guides in the business. He and his tornado and weather videos have appeared on many various local and national networks. Lanny is also a member of The Outlaw Chasers and he has witnessed and filmed 530 tornadoes & 13 major hurricanes to date. Lanny was awarded "Storm Chaser Of The Year" in 2005 and 2007 for his coverage of the Greensburg, KS EF-5 tornado.


Rogersville, Missouri
Randy Hicks
Outlaw Chasers/Probe Deployment

Randy Hicks is the original Outlaw Chasers!

Springfield, Missouri
Adam Welsh
Storm Tracker

I was born and raised in Northern Illinois and joined the Navy when I was 18. I am currently a flight engineer for the Navy and will be retiring in about 1 1/2 years. I started storm chasing 20 years ago and have been a weather fanatic since I was a child. I have a son and daughter who are slowly but surely joining in my love for weather. I am advanced first aid and CPR certified, as well as a FAA certified Private Pilot and Remote Pilot.

Moore, Oklahoma
Jordan Carruthers
Storm Tracker

I am a Father of 2 Boys, Storm Chaser, Photographer, Founder of Manitoba Storm Chasers, I have been storm chasing for 11+ years, started Manitoba Storm Chasers Facebook Page 3 years ago which has quickly grown to over 20K followers, I also do Storm Chasing tours, and Tornado Alley tours. From May-August you can find me somewhere in the USA or Canada under a storm taking photos, outside of Storm Chasing I work on a farm, and spend as much time as possible with my Family. I am also fully trained and certified in Emergency First aid, and CPR

Manitoba, Canada
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Travis Cruz
Storm Tracker
Boones Mill, Virginia
Kristin Ryan
Storm Tracker

I am a Texas girl, trying to find my way back home. Currently living in Saint Louis with my Fiancé. I grew up terrified of storms, I watched all the weather movies, and shows kept getting in trouble because I would freak myself out. Eventually in college, once I was able to drive and understand the weather fully, it turned into a big passion. I also do freelancing photography on the side, because I realized, if I can shoot tornadoes, everything should come pretty easy.

St. Louis, MO
David Patterson
Storm Tracker

I chase and photograph storms any chance so get! I live in Southeast Missouri and chase both locally and in tornado alley. My favorite shots are lightning and structure!

Cape Girardeau, MO
Mike Russ
Storm Tracker

I am the lead storm tracker for Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV. I chase storms through the great state of Oklahoma, and some in the Texas panhandle. I have been chasing nature's fury since 2007 and will track everything from snow and ice to spring time severe weather including tornado producing storms!

Moore, OK
Zach Battin
Storm Tracker

Just a guy with a strong passion for technology and the weather!

Perrysburg, Ohio
Bryant Patterson
Storm Tracker

I have been storm chasing for 10 years. I love the thrill of the chase. We always meet up before the storms to discuss the weather models. I have met a lot of great storm chasers from all over the country. It is great to see a large line of chasers heading to a storm. We always stop to help after a tornado has hit a town.

Southlake, Texas
Kayla Fuller
Storm Tracker

Currently living in Indiana with my Boyfriend Aaron & my beautiful fur babies Nader, Roscoe & Urbana. Since I was 3 years old I have been intrigued by anything and everything weather-related. A lightning bolt stuck my backyard throwing my grandma, mom and I back into our door. Where other children would be terrified, I was fascinated. By the time I was 6 years old, I got the opportunity to see my first funnel cloud over my childhood home in Yorktown, IN on July 4th, 2002. I'll never forget that green hue in the sky. From then on I knew I had to learn more about storms and especially tornadoes & lightning. Since that day I've got the opportunity to hunt down 9 tornadoes, strongest being a high end EF-2 near Le Roy, IL on December 1st, 2018. I have a deep passion for weather, with the goal of everything I do to help people better understand the power of beautiful mother nature

Muncie, Indina
Aaron Brogan
Storm Tracker

Indiana Storm Chaser, Mother Nature enthusiast, and a beautiful girlfriend!
17 Naders!

Muncie, Indina
Chris Heater
Storm Tracker

Storm Chaser & Truck Drive! Husband to a beautiful wife!

Champaign, Illinois
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Trevor Leeper
Storm Tracker

Storm Chaser! Husband to a beautiful wife!

Clarendon, Texas

Our Fleet


The StormCruzzer is our heavily modified 2011 Silverado 3500HD Dually. We've designed her to be able to withstand softball+ sized hail, and to have the capability to safely maneuver us out of any sticky situation.

Driver: Travis Cruz

Base: Pouoson, Viginia

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Storm Shadow

Manitoba Storm Chasers rig is a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab with a powerful 5.7L Hemi Engine, and 4x4 giving us the Power we need to get to the storm, and the Strength/ Agility/ and Durability to Escape the Storm When Needed, The interior is Equipped with Multiple Tablets Displaying Radar and Location via Radarscope, Multiple Cameras to Catch the Action, including our newest member the 360Fly which captures all of the Action in Stunning 360 Degree Video! A CB radio giving us the ability to communicate between our rigs, or with other Chasers in the Area, And it also doubles as an NOAA Weather Radio, with alerts to tell us as soon as a Severe Thunderstorm or Tornado warning has been issued in our area. First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher Giving us the ability to help out when Disaster Strikes, The Spacious Cab Keeps our Guests Safe and Comfortable while on the road for many hours. The Exterior is Equipped with a 3 Inch Lift kit, and 35 inch Mud and Snow tires to give us extra Ground Clearance and the ability to tackle tough terrain when needed, the body will soon be getting a coating of Line x to make it stronger against hail and Debris

Driver: Jordan Carruthers

Base: Portage la prairie, MB. Canada

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The Beast

The Beast is a powerhouse 99 Chevy Suburban 4x4 with 3x 50" light bars, 1x 30", 2x spot lights, 2x Ram Mounts, 2x Deep-Cycle Car Batteries, and a large power inverter!

Driver: Joshua Napper

Base: Springfield, Missouri

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Fast-Tack 1 Storm Unit

Fast Track 1 is a late 90's ford expedition Eddie Bauer edition. She has a 5.4 triton v8 to move us quickly down the road and has many options. She's not your typical truck though!

Driver: Mike Russ

Base: Weatherford, Oklahoma

Team Facebook

We have ram mounts for laptop's And Microsoft surface mounts. And we have go pros through out the truck to get that great shot!

Driver: Bryant Patterson

Base: Southlake, Texas

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