Paden Nicholas Joy-Gordon - TPV

Remembering his legacy and giving tribute to his life!

Funnel Patrol

Paden had many passions, one of which was storm-chasing! Many chasers remember him for his outgoing personality, jokes, and his TPV – Tornado Pursuit Vehicle! Paden always made sure his vehicles had the resources to help in the aftermath of storms or anyone along the way!

TPV - Tornado Pursuit Vehicle

So many laughs & jokes we will never forget!

Forever Remembered
& Loved by many!

Paden Nicholas Joy-Gordon Most VIRAL Live Stream


TPV - Funnel Patrol

These videos were part of a small project we were working on!


On March 19, 2023, Paden Gordon, Randy Dean Hicks, Bryant Burough, and Joshua Napper got together at Outlaw Chasers HQ for a fun project! Little did we know that this would be the last time Paden would be on camera sharing his life through chasing, TPV (Tornado Pursuit Vehicle), and becoming an Outlaw Chaser!

PNJG – Tribute Map