Travis Cruz - Stormcruzzer

Remembering his legacy and giving tribute to his life!

Passion of Storms

Travis had many passions, one of which was storm-chasing! Many chasers remember him for his outgoing personality, jokes, and his big truck! Travis always made sure his truck had the resources to help in the aftermath of storms!

The StormCruzzer

So many laughs, smiles, looks, that we will never forget!

Travis Cruz Storm Chasing Truck Stormcruzzer

Forever Remembered
& Loved by many!

Travis Cruz – One Last Ride


The StormCruzzer Foundation: A foundation to honor the life and legacy of Travis Christopher Cruz, his deep appreciation for knowledge, his love of family, and to fund research towards the possible prevention, treatment and cure for Adhesive Arachnoiditis.

Future Foundation work will support scholarships in meteorology, mathematics and exercise science.

TC – Tribute Map