Starlink SpaceX Internet

No more data drops in rural tornado alley thanks to Elon Musk and many others who have made this connection possible! 

The power of SpaceX


Starlink LEO satellites

Roughly In Orbit


Unlimited Internet Access

Rural Internet for those that need it most!


Easy to Use and Setup

Starlink provides internet access to over 1M subscribers roughly*

Utilizing Quality Custom Products

Star-mount spacex storm chasers internet

Waterproof Travel Kit

Dishy star-mount starlink router storm chasing

Quality Mounting Brackets

dishy stinky starlink storm chasers live chasing vehicle elon musk

Custom Travel Accessories

Leading Weather Changes

The Live Storm Chasers Network was one of the first major platforms to utilize SpaceX Starlink in severe weather coverage from the field and online! We have partnered with some of the best in the SpaceX industry circle being STAR-MOUNT SYSTEMS! 

Our method & Madness has been tested

Brandon Walsh