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Returning to Tornado Alley 2024 Storm Chasing Season!

TIV2 – The Tornado Intercept Vehicle

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The power of TIV 2



With an enormous weight of 14,300 lb, 3 axels are required with 10 heavy-duty tires! The third axle was disconnected from the drive train, thus changing TIV2 to 6×4 from its 6×6 design. The third axle now acts as a brace for the vehicle's weight.



To keep the vehicle moving, TIV 2 runs a 6.7 liter turbocharged Cummins Diesel. Estimated top speed of over 100 mph. Its fuel capacity is 95 US gallons, giving an approximate range of 750 miles.


Steel Skin

The body of TIV 2 is constructed of a 1/8-inch steel skin welded over a 2 in square tubing steel frame. The windows are all bullet-resistant 1.63 in interlayered polycarbonate sheets and tempered glass.

Tornado Intercept Vehicle In Tornado Alley

Practice Deployment

Testing the latest repairs and upgrades on TIV 2 - Practice makes perfect - most of the time!

Day in the life of TIV (Short)

There is A LOT of driving inbetween storms, but when we get on one, things move VERY fast!

About TIV 2

Everything in a nutshell about the TIV 2!

Just Drive

A lot of driving in-between storms sometimes makes for really cool videos!

Hydraulic Dancing

The Tornado Intercept Vehicle TIV 2 Hip-hopping and getting down with excitement for being back on the road this year!

Spring 2020 Storm Season

We are hitting Tornado Alley this year, so be sure you are following along with us!

See Us In the Field

TeamTIV2 Chasing Mother Nature’s Fury

The Start Of Our Journey


Incredible and strong custom decal work that can even survive with the TIV2!

In the shop getting ready for the 2021 chase season!

A lot of work done during to get the TIV 2 ready for the road!

Shoutout to Addison with Mark's Custom Signs for helping!

TIV 2 Logo Application P1

The start of a great journey with applying the logo on the Tornado Intercept Vehicle!

TIV 2 Logo Application P2

The start of a great journey with applying the logo on the Tornado Intercept Vehicle !

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