OUTBRK: The Multiplayer Storm Chasing Game!

A NEW Storm Chasing Game Coming Soon Featuring the LSC Storm Rig among others like the Dominator 3 and PredaTOR. 

We are excited to officially announce that Live Storm Chasers’s very own Storm Rig will be one of those among a selection of others like the Dominator 3 of Sean Schofer and Reed Timmer.

Prairie Chasers’s Own Braydon Morisseau with the PredaTOR who is also with Live Storm Chasers will be among those that you can use within the game.

What is OUTBRK?

OUTBRK is a storm chasing simulation game being developed for PC set in a fictive reproduction of America’s tornado alley.

Experience the wonder of nature and compete against other chasers as you put yourself into random scenarios based on real-life weather events.

Prepare to have too close for comfort encounters with tornadoes, fight your way through torrential downpours, while avoiding hazards of extreme weather.

Take the role of a professional storm chaser and make use of your risk management skills to gather valuable data from severe weather. Become the chaser you’ve always wanted to be by buying new vehicles, upgrading them, and customizing them.

OUTBRK features a 625 square kilometers map with various landmarks such as rivers, canyons, plains, towns, and forests.

Renders For The LSC Chase Rig

This is an actual render from in-game for the LSC Chase Rig Skin for OUTBRK!


Actual Pre-alpha OUTBRK development screenshot footage

Chase the countryside as storms go up and tornadoes drop! 

Look at current forecast models while chasing to better forecast your target position!

Watch out for the hail falling that can not only damage your chase rig, but also you… Yes, that means you can die in the game!

At the end of the game, everything is added up accordingly and your earnings are used to upgrade equipment and your chase rig!

Did we mention you get to deploy probes and collect weather data?

Be sure you don’t run out of gas! So top off when you can!

The OUTBRK team had a VERY successful KICKSTARTER with nearly 600 backers. You can view their Kickstarter Here!

Be sure to check OUTBRK out on Facebook for updates and more!

For “Features” and what a “Chase Day” looks like, Check out this link here!

Stay Tuned to Live Storm Chasers for more updates as the OUTBRK team progresses further into the development!

So tighten your seat belt, and get ready for OUTBRK: The Multiplayer Storm Chasing Experience.