State of Emergency declared for all of Oklahoma ahead of Winter Storm

State of Emergency declared for all of Oklahoma ahead of Winter Storm

A State of Emergency has been declared for all 77 counties in Oklahoma due to a winter storm approaching the area.

Winter storms, snow, ice, and freezing rain are expected to impact different parts of the state through the weekend. Because the weather event may include dangerous road conditions and power outages, this state of emergency is being issued in advance of the storm to allow emergency management and other partners to preposition resources, according to Gov. Mary Fallin’s office.

What does State of Emergency mean?

Disaster emergency order allows state agencies to make emergency purchases related to disaster relief and preparedness. It is also a first step toward seeking federal assistance should it be necessary.

Additionally, the executive order waives licensing requirements for vehicles bringing in materials and supplies used for storm relief. Eligible materials are those that provide direct assistance for the immediate restoration of essential services, such as power, sewer, water, and telecommunications. Essential supplies include food and fuel.


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In preparation for the storm, the state Emergency Operations Center will be activated, according to the governor’s office. The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management (OEM) is working with local emergency managers across the state as well as numerous emergency response and recovery partners.

The American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief and other agencies are standing by to assist with warming and feeding stations.

The executive order will be in effect for 30 days.


Expected Weather? 

Winter storm watches have been issued for parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, & Arkansas.

State Of Emergency Oklahoma

Simulated Reflectivity Precipitation Type

Late Friday

Winter Weather, Winter Storm,

Early Saturday

Winter Weather Missouri

Late Saturday


What to keep in mind!

Models have consistently been flopping back and forth with very little agreement on snow totals, placement of the totals let alone where the freezing line will actually set up. Just the slightest shifts of the freezing line/front will separate some areas from seeing a dusting to 2-4 inches to 4 – 8 inches and possibly higher amounts in localized areas. With that said travel regardless through these areas should be severely watched and delayed if traveling during the periods of Friday night into Saturday Sunday!

POSSIBLE Snow accumulation totals.

POSSIBLE ICE accumulation totals. 


In closing, please stay weather aware and alert to ALL warnings and watches issued by local emergency agencies and NWS offices.