Hurricane Dorian Category 5 SAR Satellite Image Comparison Before/After


Hurricane Dorian affected the Bahamas heavily with large vast areas hit with catastrophic flooding, including the Grand Bahama International Airport & Freeport.
A cloud penetrating radar from the SAR satellite detects water surface with the lighter blue colors showing the ocean surface and in this case storm surge and rainfall flooding.
Basically, everything outside of downtown Freeport was underwater not to mention wind gusts 150-200 mph for 24+ hours
ICEYE SAR satellite image from 11:44AM local time Sep 2, 2019.

[twenty20 img1=”4037″ img2=”4038″ offset=”0.5″ before=”After – Grand Bahama” after=”Before – Grand Bahama”]


(Y: coastline. W: roads. Source: OpenStreetMap.)
SAR Satellite via ICEYE & Google Maps