Hurricane Laura left behind beautiful artwork in Key West, Florida

Incredible Weather Phenomenon – Key West, Florida

The National Weather Service says the natural phenomenon is called an eddy, which is a circular current of water.

It looks a little like the imprint of a small hurricane on top of the turquoise water.

Before Hurricane Laura left a trail of destruction in Louisiana and Southeast Texas, she created a stunning natural phenomenon in Key West, Florida.

Thankfully Commercial Helicopter pilot Brian Kasch witnessed the beauty of mother nature on an aerial tour over Key West, Wednesday, Aug 24, 2020

“The swirling motion of eddies in the ocean causes nutrients that are normally found in colder, deeper waters to come to the surface,” NOAA explains on their website. “Here, phytoplankton (tiny ocean plants) feeding on these nutrients color the water beautiful shades of blue and green.”

Laura was still a tropical storm when it passed near Key West and churned toward the Texas-Louisiana border.


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