Hurricane Laura in Microsoft Flight Simulator – Virtual Storm Intercept!

Storm Chasing Laura in the new ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ 2020!

Hurricane Laura in real-time & real-world weather, Microsoft Flight Simulator players were flying planes into the Dangerous Hurricane Laura as it made landfall on the Louisiana Coast! 

Some of the images captured by players are absolutely stunning…

Images Captured By: Petri Levälahti

Microsoft Flight Simulator players turned into virtual storm chasers this week, hunting down Hurricane Laura as it approached the US Gulf Coast.

While Texas and Louisiana braced for a strong Category 4 hurricane with an “unsurvivable storm surge,” the real-time weather inside Microsoft Flight Simulator was providing a surreal experience for online players.

NOTE: All the green dots are other players.

Images Captured By Technically Alex

Ok, So by now, you might be thinking “THIS IS COOL!”, and you would be 100% correct!

As a long time simmer starting with FS2002 it has always been a goal in the virtual flying to simulate quality real-world weather with accurate graphics.

Images Captured By Simon Coudé

However, up to now for those who have used prior “flight simulators” have tried to replicate this real-life weather feel spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars over the years with many add-ons and programs to try to generate this type of “feel” on flights. However, after everything spent it still doesn’t compare to these new graphics developed!

With this new flight sim we are showcasing, flying has gone to a whole new level of weather, in-flight, and virtual flying storm chasing!

Images Captured By Modern_Chris2

The weather system isn’t perfect. Wind speeds reported inaccurate and noted by others, player’s flights were relatively smooth heading toward the outer edges of Hurricane Laura.

Clouds also didn’t “swirl” one player mentioned, though, from a satellite view within the simulator, an eye was formed and visible!

These virtual flying storm chasers would however miss out on the stadium effect of being inside the eye of the hurricane.

Nonetheless remarkable step in virtual weather flying!

Images Captured By gazpachomachine

Microsoft Flight Simulator was released this month for PC and it streams the entire planet Earth in real-time, feeding in weather data from Swiss-based meteorological service Meteoblue and bolstered by the power of Microsoft’s Azure AI platform

Images Captured By Technically Alex

Flight Simulator uses real-time weather data to map out conditions around the world to make this possible. Microsoft partnered with Swiss company Meteoblue to map the world’s weather patterns. Meteoblue splits the world into 250 million boxes, which each measure wind speed, temperature, pressure, and a lot more.

While the weather data was originally only going to be limited to airports for virtual pilots, Flight Simulator is now replicating real-world weather events with incredible accuracy.

Images Captured By WaifuHunterNyan

We can’t help but wonder what doors might continue to open with this approach on technology!

What about besides just planes there is an added element of cargo ships, etc navigating the rough seas all while there are active flights!?!?

Afterall the ocean graphics of in-game during Hurricane Laura could support this feature!

Images Captured By StephenGirty

In reality, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the US Air Force Reserves fly actual planes into storms like Hurricane Laura.

The “Hurricane Hunters” provide critical meteorological information to forecasters, who attempt to predict strength, direction, and timing of potentially devastating weather events.

Images Captured By Ashley Lundry, NOAA

So in closing, even though the real-time weather graphics and weather elements might not be 100% accurate, it’s pretty close to the real deal and for some away to experience something they might not ever be able to in real-life!

With improvements, updates, and future development, we can’t imagine what this will look like in a year or so down the road as adjustments are made!

This is just the scratch of the surface & Only the beginning!