Hurricane Florence The Weather Channel Live Viral TV Interview Mistake & Tidbits

Hurricane Florence The Weather Channel Live Viral TV Interview Mistake & Tidbits

As many know when a natural disaster impacts or there is an impending impact on ANY part of the earth some or most national news networks are about their quality media, dramatic footage and ALWAYS keep the viewers watching them! Make sense if you are in this type of business whether you agree with this or not. It is just how this field operates BUT everyone wants to be given the real TRUTH in what’s being reported …


With that said, every so often ‘we’ as the viewers get to see exactly what really happens with field reporters when they are live from the field and get caught in what we will call a “mistake”.

The most recent viral mistake is today  Sep 14, 2018, The Weather Channel!

While their team was covering Hurricane Florence, one of their reporters got a bit carried away if you ask us and not literally…


Ronnie Rogers


Steve Brooks


Craig Cavanna

So between Allegiant flying over Hurricane Florence [READ OUR BLOG HERE] and now this mistake only makes for a good laugh going into the weekend!

Overall, my 2 cents is that its a job and with every job no matter what it is there is often hidden things when it comes to news networks reporting. Do we always agree with things and what and how they do it… No. But the truth of the matter is that they (In this case TWC) when they do cover severe weather, it is wall to wall overage at times, quality media, high tech digital explanation and more often than others easy to understand.

Do I feel Florence was an overhype… Not one bit. Flo was packing heavily however as with every storm, things change and these changes are very hard to predict and forecast.

Cudos to the Hurricane Center & Hunters for their hard works and long hours put into Florence’s forecasting.


In closing, take the weather channel as a good laugh and enjoy your weekend! A lot of hard work was put into making sure coverage was there for Hurricane Florence so that MANY would be able to watch from the safety of their own safe place.


Stay safe and Stay weather aware!

Hurricane season is very active right now!