Live Storm Chasers, LLC – FAA Commercial Night Drone Operations Certified and More!

FAA Commercial Drone Operations & Info

Live Storm Chasers, LLC believes in the safety and well-knowledged of its crew operations in all areas of our coverage! This includes our drone operations!

We are pleased to announce that all commercial drone flights done by our certified pilots are now “night” flight approved!

With safety in mind, all our drone operators and spotters/observers go through an inhouse study guide and test. This is not to exclude the FAA required part 107 commercial flight test!

The additional testing ensures that our already certified commercial drone pilots not only understand but can operate safely at night! In compliance with the FAA, all our spotters/observers are required to take our study guide and test out with a 100% score! This not only ensures us they know and understand the requirements as an observer but can also carry out the task safely and effectively!

All night flight operations made under Live Storm Chasers, LLC are documented and recorded!

All Final Tests, Documents, and any other required FAA information are properly documented and recorded!


Live Storm Chasers, LLC

Last Update: June 30, 2020