Not One Single Airline Flight Active Over Florida And For Very Good Reasons


Not a single airline flight active over Florida and for very good reasons as well.

The facts are very simple, most passengers don’t like a bumpy flight, and conditions as seen below will yield not only an uncomfortable flight but one ride you would remember. Why can’t the pilot “Just Fly Around It”? Seems easy enough…However that is not the case with a lot of storms and especially with Hurricane Irma, a storm that is nearly 400 miles across…

That’s nearly the length from GA/FL state line down to Miami, FL. While all commercial flights are required to carry enough fuel to fly to their planned alternate plus an extra 45 minutes, with a storm the size of Irma, that 45 minutes of fuel would run out fast. Chances are the flight you are on would have to refuel at an alternate airport (Depending The Flight).

You could be stuck in the plane for hours, circling and waiting for the storm to pass, or even worse sitting on the ramp inside the plane at an airport waiting for improved weather. Then there is the possibility the current pilots might “timeout” resulting in further delays of a flight waiting for a new flight crew. All this costs time and money not only for the airlines but for you as the passenger. Your Pilots, Flight Attendants, Ground Crews, Gate Agents cannot control the weather.

As working in the airlines I have seen first-hand the meanness of passengers in situations much like this scenario. Trust me if we could control it we would make the weather great all the time for flights, but unfortunately we cannot. So while pilots practice to fly in all-weather conditions, for the safety of the crew and you as the passenger, there are safety limits we must follow so we can all arrive safely.

Surface winds are well over 70 kts

Winds at 5,000 FT are pushing over 120 kts

However if you love to fly a flight simulator that uses real world weather this might be something cool to try your skills at.

Let us know!