NEW: Interactive Damage Map For Across St Maarten (SXM)



In The Map Below You Will Find Updated Content Of The Damage Across The Island & Especially SXM/TNCM.
This is a slow process however will be updating this map as the week goes on so please be sure to check back often.

All images used have been approved by it's original owners or otherwise linked via its source link.

The Map Is Provided By Google & Created By LiveStormChasers's Co-Owner Joshua Napper.

In no way is the map to be embedded without prior approval by LiveStormChasers.


  1. Fidelis Laurent    

    We are living in not the end time, but the time of the end.and these storm’s are simply Bible prophecy fulfilment right before our we believe it or not. Brace your selves there are worse storms to come, not because of what I say, but what God’s word says, and he cannot make a. Mistake.

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