MUST SEE: Devastating Video Coming Out Of St Maarten As CAT-5 Irma Made Landfall



Devastating video as and after Hurricane Irma made landfall on the Saint Martin Island of North America. 



    St Marteen never recovered from Hurricanes Louis & Marilyn This is very upsetting. The dutch and French government didn’t put a dime into their possesions.

  2. Sanjay alwani    

    I was actually born in St. Maarten and live there. The island is in desperate need for security, riot police, and organization. People are looting all stores that includes stores that don’t sell necessities. Car dealers, electronic store, tools and appliances and jewelry stores. There’s no marshal law and the police are just watching it happen. The government has not made any effort in protecting the people, nor have they made a statement. Preparations for this storm was careless and unforgiving. Please help us! We need international recognition.

    1. Louise Macca    

      Hello Jay,

      We are not able to come this year. You and your family are in our prayers. May God send you many blessings and help in your time of need. I hope this finds you all safe. I forgot who is in St. Thomas, may they also be safe. Louise

  3. Glenn    

    Well sorry to here it but in truth if the government there keep stealing the money there for there own pockets then put it to the side for the people then we can’t help them ,it seams that every time a disaster happens they all call on America for help yet they won’t show up to a white house meeting or they don’t like president trump who is trying to help still but all they care about is the trator Obama who put all countries in danger and now when this hurricane hit them they need help well even though I don’t agree with it we are America and we will help even tho they put America down just remember this Americans always help people so they can survive this disaster that happened to them.

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