VIRAL: Video of a group of hikers banding together in a human chain to cross a river after flash flooding hit.


A video has surfaced showing a group of hikers band together in a human chain to cross a river after flash flooding hit.

The incident took place at Zion National Park in southwest Utah, as a group of weekend walkers were making their way through the park’s ‘Narrows’ area.

As the name would suggest, the Narrows are the skinniest part of the Zion Canyon, but that didn’t make it any easier for the hikers to get across individually when the water started raging through.

With the water rising around them, the hikers joined together and formed a human chain and eventually made their way safely back to the trail.

Jonathan Gonzalez, a visitor from Maui who was in the canyon when the flash flooding took place, filmed the tense moments and uploaded them on social media.

In one video, members of his family are seen helping each other through the dangerous waters, with one man even carrying a young boy on his head to safety.

‘When the FLASH FLOOD hit,’ he wrote on Instagram. ‘With the family at Zion National Park. In the narrows.

‘My brothers my nephew and I while helping others cross the river. People were panicking but it was a fun adventure and others started helping. Good vibes great experience for all of us.’

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