VIRAL: The internet is going CRAZY over this photo gif!


The internet is going CRAZY over this photo gif… Have You Seen It? 

“The majestic nighttime South Dakota tornadic supercell from June 19th, 2015. What a spectacular stacked plates of the structure it was, no doubt one of the best storms at night I had! This is a gif animation of the storm, produced by my friend Jonathan Wennström (see his work on IG @jonathanwennstroem)!”

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July 20, 2017, roughly 17+ million Facebook Live users tuned in to live videos of the same gif that had nature at its fiercest: an incredible supercell.

In the normal sense “live” tends to mean “actually happening now,” however, the stream(s) were 100% not live.

The “live stream” was little more than a short, looping gif dubbed over with stock thunderclap sound effects, prompting responses like “it’s fake” that evoked replies pointing out that supercell storms are absolutely a thing that exists.

“The stream itself comes to us from a sketchy-looking page called Newsfeed. And moments after the Facebook Live video hit its four-hour limit, a new stream began on another page called The Cherry Orchard. (Both pages list the same domain,, as their homepage, which is basically just a collection of copied-and-pasted jokes with a salacious banner photo.)” Source:

(UPDATE: “The Cherry Orchard” along with “Newsfeed” has since taken down the video per what we are assuming is copyright laws.

However the page: “Unbelievable” as listed below is still keeping it up!)

“The Cherry Orchard and Newsfeed aren’t the only pages sapping views off this eternal storm. A page called NTD Television pulled this same trick yesterday—pocketing an easy 7.6 million views—and gave credit to CONTENTbible. Who the heck is CONTENTbible? They are some kind of viral video licenser. But they are not the creator of the gif in question.” Source:

The amazing gif was created by a man named Marko Korosec, who managed to snap pictures of a supercell that formed over western South Dakota on June 19 2015. As many storm chasers know and much like Korosec knows, it’s a remarkable shot!

Per The NWS the storm produced  hail around the size of softballs and winds around 100 mph. Not to mention a tornado. YIKES!

The gif itself was created by Korosec’s friend Jonathan Wennström, and according to a recent Instagram post, the friends are excited that the animation has “gone viral”.


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